Wednesday, November 28, 2007

One month

I suspected Mo was going a bit stir-crazy with all this baby stuff. I discovered how much today when she woke up in a foul mood from a disturbing dream.

"All this food was getting shoved down my throat," she complained. "My sister, Anne, kept rubbing my back. I kept thinking, 'Stop it! This is very uncomfortable. I don't like this at all!' But I couldn't talk. I had food in my mouth.

"Do you think that's how Hope must feel?"

I'm no dream analyst, but that may mean something.

Hope is four weeks old today. It's been 12 days since she came home. Mo seems to be digging the new mom thing. She's very protective, eager to ease Hope's worries and delights watching her little cheeks become chubbier daily. She's positively thriled, but exhausted.

We have two major observations after one month, neither of which is surprising: It's amazing how much we love this little girl, but weren't quite prepared for the level of work. Feeding is major production. Every three hours, we try to cajole her into eating just a bit more. That lasts 30 minutes and is followed by another 30-60 minutes of holding so she doesn't spit anything up. Often, that means coaxing her to sleep, then realizing we need to wake her up in a half hour to repeat the process.

Mo does most of the heavy lifting, and it's all-consuming. A scarier sign that Mo may need some diversions -- crossword puzzles? stuffing ships into bottles? -- came yesterday.

Mo looked at me and uttered truly frightening words: "I may actually be missing work a little."


Kimberkoz said...


MO! You are not missing work.

Repeat after me: I.AM.NOT.MISSING.WORK.

Now get on your scrapbooking, LOL

Brooklyn Salt said...

the role of the mother is the most difficult and exhausting job on the planet. Based on personal experience, it is not a job for the meek, weak or even a Teamster. So comparatively, "work" is easy and something you know.

I swear it gets a bit easier each day and you'll take more steps forward than backwards. Soon enough Mr. Kurth will be ready ready to "solo." Just be sure you have a phone on you, because if he's like me, he'll call you hourly.

You're doing GREAT!

Brooklyn Salt said...

Mrs Salt here: work begins to sound like a tropical vacation.

I had the same fear about the constant feeding. You know when they are stuffed like a foie gras goose because they puke it right back up all over you.

You guys sound great though! This fever dream-baby haze period will be over so soon. Mo, I am wishing you many long naps, delicious snacks and for Joel to get all the really nasty diapers. Its just not fair otherwise.
Keep the postings and pictures coming. She is so beautiful and we are completely addicted to the blog. More, more, more!