Wednesday, November 7, 2007

No asterisks

No complaints today. It was near-perfect by NICU standards. After a truly frightful night, Hope was terrific. We were there all day. And for the first time, her monitor alarms didn't sound once. No breathing desaturations. No racing heart. No missing probes.

So wow. Happy one week on Earth, Hopesy. You're doing terrific and we love you.


beth said...

Yay! Happy one week! Love the picture of Will's rose.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! Love all of the pictures. Thanks for keeping us posted. Hope is such a little cutie, can't wait to see her agoin soon. Take care, you are in our prayers!

Lots of love,
Mike, Jamie, Connor, and Garrett

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely adorable! Can't believe all her red hair - definitely a Feighan. Can't wait to meet her and thanks for keeping us all posted. Glad she had a great day and happy one week! She looks very content sucking down all her "mommy milk" in the pics :-)
Elena & Charlie

Anonymous said...

We are thrilled to hear about Hope's fabulous day! Love those red locks. She looked pretty content chowing down in those photos. If she keeps that up, she'll gain wait in no time!
Lisa, Brian and Liz

Kimberkoz said...

Oh my gosh! I can tell Hope's one week older.

So glad it was a great day today.