Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two words...

Eating Machine!

The O-Man has gained two and a half pounds since his birth five weeks ago and continues to astound Joel and me with the sheer volume of milk he can put away. He's only five weeks old and he already drinks about DOUBLE what Hope drinks in one day. Granted, Hope also eats baby food and digests things slower than the typical kid but still. The little pork chop may not look like Mama but he's got her appetite. Wow.

Many people have asked how Hope is adjusting to her little brother. Aside from trying to steal Oscar's binky and bottle and being a little clingy with mom, she's done remarkably well. She even gave him a kiss -- after much prompting -- on the head the other day. But we'll really see what she thinks when Oscar is about 6-8 months old and more mobile and going after her toys. That may be a different story.

All in all, things are incredibly chaotic here but really good. Joel's awesome mom, Anita, helped us for two weeks after Oscar was born and my cool sister, Molly, came for a week after that. They were both a tremendous help and got to spend a ton of quality time with both Hope and Oscar.

In other big news, Hope graduated from the Macomb Infant Preschool Program last week with a special party that included games and train rides. I managed to keep my postpartum hormones in check but I could've easily bawled my eyes out saying goodbye to all of Hope's therapists. What amazing people. You know your kid is in good hands when the staff doesn't just teach your child from week to week like it's a job but really loves her. And in helping Hope, they really helped make us better parents too. We're going to miss them all. Thanks again, Maryann, Cheryl, Nelson, Carmella and Kathy.