Friday, November 16, 2007

Exhausted bliss

A few hours ago, I held my daughter. The doorbell rang. I stood up, cradled her in my arms, walked 10 feet and answered it.

Mundane? Sure. Amazing? Quite.

It happens every day, but it's profound beyond words. Our baby is home.

For the first time in 16 days, Hope Beatrice isn't connected to four sticky wires. There are no screens to monitor her heartbeat, respirations and oxygen levels. We have no tests tomorrow. There are no nurses telling us when we can bathe or weigh our child. We can pick her up and move beyond the five feet of wire that anchored Hope to her crib.

The moment Mo has prayed for since Memorial Day came about 3:15 p.m. There were no grand pronouncements, parades or quizzes. The doctors wished us well, gave us Hope's discharge papers and sent us on our worried ride home.

It's bliss, absolutely and truly, and moving in ways that I'm sure I'll be better able to capture tomorrow. Now, words fail me. We're humbled, awed, terrified, overjoyed, thrilled, and quite exhausted.

Mo is in the nursery, trying to soothe her baby. I'm on the couch envying my dog, who is asleep under the coffee table, no doubt dreaming about eating toilet paper. My brother and sister, Steve and Beth, are in from the East Coast, droopy-eyed settled comfortably in their happy pants.

It's been a long, nerve-wracking, rewarding and blessed day, and I'm sure a long night will follow. We're on our own now. Our baby is home. We can barely put one foot in front of another.

I'm in no shape for profundities, but I wanted to post because an update because I know a lot of you are curious and knocked on wood when a dork on the Internet asked you to. We're truly thankful for this amazing network of love, support, good will and prayers that extends from Singapore (Hi Pam!) to Maine.

Hopefully, this is the end of a crisis and start of a journey. Things won't be easy, but now, they're exactly as they should be. We couldn't be happier. Or sleepier.


Kimberkoz said...

What wonderful news!

We're thrilled beyond words for all of you and can't wait to meet Hope.

Love, Kim and Jeff

Lisa said...

WHOO HOO!! So happy for you guys. Sounds like things are just as they should be. Now, if you're really lucky...maybe you'll get a few hours of sleep tonight. : )

Lisa, Brian and Liz

grandma k said...

Perfect! We're so happy for you.

Now if only Hope were as tired as you are . . .

Bundles of love from Maine!

Sue Burzynski Bullard said...

Joel, Maureen: I hadn't checked the blog in a couple of days so when I opened it today to see your news I was thrilled for you! How great. I still remember thinking when I brought my baby home - wow, I can't believe this tiny little thing is totally dependent on me. It was scary and thrilling at the same time. You guys will do great Have fun. My advice for Maureen - sleep when Hope sleeps. Ignore the house, igore eveything else. Get rest when you can.

Anonymous said...

Awesome -- so happy for all three of you! And how great that you have Steve and Beth there. You beat the Christmas wish to bring her home by many weeks. She's a champ.

Christie said...

I've been knocking on wood for you both and i couldn't be happier welcome home Hope! Love you =]

Aunt Molly said...

Yes!! This moment has finally arrived. I could not be happier for the three of you.

Missing Hopesy from NYC,
Aunt Molly xoox

Brooklyn Salt said...

Best news we've heard all year

We really can't express our joy in any words I know.

We also can not wait to be introduced to Ms. Hope. she is precious.

One question, why is Maureen carrying the bundle of joy from the hospital, shouldn't that be a man's job.... (ha ha)

Best of luck. and try to catch a few winks..

Anonymous said...

We are astonished. Such fantastic news. Enjoy your precious auburn-headed miracle. We are so happy for baby Hope and her first car ride to her loving home.

All our love,
Mike, Jamie, Connor & Garrett

Gary said...

Great Aunt Barb can't wait to meet Hope. Much Happiness & Love.
"Aunt Barb"

Anonymous said...

Joel & Maureen:

Very well done, you two. Patti and I have been hooked on your amazing journey and wish you a good night's sleep and our very best.

Uncle Alan

Shantee' said...

That's great news!

Ty Pennington said...

There's only one thing left to say,
Welcome Home Kurth Family - WELCOME HOME!