Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Seeing hints

Apparently, our girl's been sending us unsubtle hints.

Hope has a new obsession. Dice-K is yesterday's news. Ceiling fans are passe. Eyeglasses are all the rage. Hope leans over, snatches them off Mo's face and obsessively fiddles and diddles. More! More! Four times is never enough. She digs it so that Mo has had to teach Hope a new word to stop: No.

We're not wild about it, but Hope may soon be able to play with her own glasses.

A routine eye appointment diagnosed Hope as very near-sighted. The opthamologist thinks Hope may need glasses in a few months, when she turns 1. We were floored. Vision problems are common with CdLS kids, but Hope's focus on toys -- and earlier tests -- fooled us.

The toughest news is the kind you don't expect. Glasses aren't the end of the world, but the thought of our little girl in them at such a young age made us sad. Logistically, we're not sure how she could even wear glasses and hearing aides at the same time.

It could be worse: Tests showed equally bad vision in both eyes. That means she's not favoring one eye over the other. If she was, vision in the weak eye could continue to deteriorate.

We have some time to think about it, because we're not due back for five months. She'll be re-tested before we proceed on anything. So we move forward, shove the worries into the recesses of our minds and hope that form holds true and issues with our girl aren't as bad as they initially seem.


Misty said...

ooohhh!! those unexpected ones are tricky little suckers!! thank you for posting this, you reminded me to look up and see when I need to get Mason in for his eyes!! :) i think it's at the end of the month, but i get it all confused if i don't read it!!

lots of hugs hopey's way!

Sonia said...

Natalia's thing for glases started at about the same age as Hope:) Now at a year and 9 months she has mastered fooling us to thinking she's not interested and then snatches them of without even looking at them!! We're lucky gransma & grandpa still think its hilarious...
And those unexpected news can be tough.. glad you're looking on the bright side of things.

Anonymous said...

Continually absorbing scary surprises must take a toll, so lots of good wishes are coming your way. So many changes -- I can hardly wait to get out there and see what's going on in person!

Lotsa love from Maine --
Grandma K.