Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hey, it's junk guy!

Mo calls it the fruit cellar. I call it the place cats hide for days and do God knows what. Either way, it's that scary room that everyone has where junk goes to be forgotten and exotic strains of paramecium fester.

We're trying to become better at tackling lingering projects, so I spent Saturday afternoon sorting and detoxifying. Good thing. In addition to 18 cans of used paint, a make-it-at-home beer kit and several empty shoe boxes, we were reunited with the following basics for every responsible household.

Pet costume, left over from a regrettable, "Aren't we so cute?" decision to dress one cat as an angel, another as a devil for a Christmas card that resolved any doubts about loserdom.

Our backup fondue set. We have two. You never know when you need to call in reinforcements to melt cheese. Actually, we have never made fondue. But it looks nice next to the Magic Bullet, sake set, espresso maker, juicer, Showtime Rotisserie Grill and twin George Foreman Grills.

Fake chest hair. Just in case.

There's no joke here. This thing is awesome.

We're off Wednesday to the CdLS National Conference in Chicago. We're eager for the opportunity to meet other families with the syndrome, talk to doctors and further our education. But we're slightly nervous as well. I've never seen another child with the syndrome; Mo has met one.

We're not quite sure what to expect. I'm sure it'll give us a better understanding of what Hope faces, which is both good and a bit scary. Knowledge is always good, but ignorance is sometimes bliss as well. I'm sure we'll laugh, cry, learn a lot and be better for it.


Anonymous said...

Joel and MoMo,

Good luck at the conference. I'm on the side of knowledge is good and this will be a great opportunity for you guys.

On a separate note, I recognize that fake chest hair....

Leslie (and Steve)

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare get rid of the juicer! I have some very important memories tied up with that thing! Loved the catalogue of goodies.

Remember to enjoy yourselves in Chi, as well as learn and ponder.

See you soon!
Grandma K.

Brooklyn Salt said...

Are you sure that is chest hair, not a toupee?

Good luck at the conference. I'm sure it will be really informative.

Anonymous said...

Chi town will be fun, I'm sure. Just stay away from the horsemeat.


Misty said...

LMAO!! i wish i had treasures like that to find in my unorganized places!! :). i will be thinking all of you this weekend...i know the trepedation that you're feeling. when mike and i were considering going, there were things about 'knowing' that scared us... but now i sit here and wish that i could be around people who know what it is like... and to learn...I hope that you have a wonderful time!!! i know that hope will be a hit!!! she is so adorable and both of you are so strong. i want to see lots of pics upon your return!! :)

Jan said...

Hey, junk guy! You sure you haven't been cleaning out our closets?? I think you'll see when you go to the conference that Hope is far better off than most which will be a good thing. I detect some genius in her piano playing! Have fun with the fam

Karen said...

I hope you guys had a great time at the conference. Can't wait to hear all about it.
Can we borrow junk guy for a week or so?