Sunday, June 22, 2008


Milestones abound.

Hope. who is a few weeks shy of 8 months, finally is the size of an average newborn: 7 1/2 pounds, plus a few extra ounces for bragging rights. We're still hoping to hit 10 lbs. by one year, which would continue the 2 oz. per week weight gain she's maintained since she was in utero.

So far, Spitenup and company are happy with her progress. Many CdLS kids don't really pack on the pounds until they have surgery to install feeding tubes -- and even then it's slow sledding -- but since she's held firm to her growth curve, that possibility hasn't arisen.

The bad news: She may never be tall enough to ride the Millennium Force at Cedar Point. The good: We can probably sneak her into the movies with a children's ticket for a few extra years.

Last week, the blog passed its 10,000 hit since I began keeping track in December. Yes, I am a loser. Thanks to all who've peeked in from 35 nations and 46 states. Thanks for nothing, North and South Dakota. Seriously, we appreciate all the support, are happy we've connected to CdLS families and are humbled so many seem to care.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Miss Spinach Face! I love the encouraging Mmmm's from her parents, too: eating as a community event. Great stuff!

Many, many thanks for continuing with the great videos, stills, and commentary. You do wonderful work.

Love from North Dakota -- no, just kidding!

Grandma K.

Anonymous said...

Love the video--she is such a little beauty.

Thanks for sharing her with the world!


beth said...

I know people who check the blog at least a couple times a day for news ... that should at least make up for those N&S Dakota losers (I kid, I kid).

Great video. At the 3:23 mark, the closeup makes her so much like Dad. Cool.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of Hope in her pink floppy hat! All she needs is a mint julip! See you guys on Wed.

Anonymous said...

Joel and MoMo,

My folks tried to log in and leave a comment but weren't successful. I'm not sure if you can track all visitors or only those who leave a comment. If the latter, then I just wanted you to know that my folks are in China and wanted to add to the many locations visitors to the blog are from/located at.

We've got more than one junk area, but our stuff isn't as interesting to read about or look at.

Leslie (and Steve)

Anonymous said...

I'm on the blog almost every other day to check in on Hope........I'm not from North Dakota but my Mother is and I lived there for some time and have many, many family members still there there...does that count? K.Greco

kayla said...

Just simply a beautiful blog I love it and I wish you and your family the best