Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day

Sleep in. Kiss the girls. Slurp coffee. Play with Hope. Take Lulu for a bike ride. Don't die. Read enough of the New York Times to feel smug for the day. Eat blueberry pancakes. Play with Hopesy. Get presents. Like 'em. Read card. Stand in awe that Hope has become a poetry prodigy.

Read Hope one of my presents, my favorite book as a child, "How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen." Go back to bed.

Feed Hope strange brown mush with spoon. Consider it a triumph that 20 percent goes in her mouth. Relax. Lay on couch. Put on funny hat. Take it off. Kiss the girls. Eat leftover steak, cheese and pickles.

Go to zoo. Push Hope. Miss the chimpanzees. Think that anteaters sure look funny. Sit on grass. Play with Hope. That's the best part. Go home. Eat coffee ice cream. Play Frisbee with dog.
Call my Dad. Get more presents. Eat more pancakes for dinner.

Count blessings on near-perfect Fathers Day.


Karen said...

Happy Father's Day! Sounds like it was a great one, especially the "sleep in" and "go back to bed" parts!
Just wondering - what was the "brown mush"? Looks like Hope likes it - maybe Ben might too.

Misty said...

Happy Father's Day Joel! looks like you had a wonderful day! The pics are beautiful!! curious to know what he brown mush is also :). Hope looks wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen and Misty: The brown mush comes from Gerber Whole Grain Oatmeal w/ Bananas mixed with a little milk. We just started feeding her solids once a day on Wednesday. So far, she seems to be slowly getting the hang of it.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Miss Hope in a garden hat: the best sight I've seen in a long time! She's definitely a hat person and a lady, despite the mush moustache! I like the look in her eye as the spoon comes near: "Silly Dad -- you're shooting for 30% in my mouth? Just try it!"

Glad you had a good day, especially the parts about Captain Najork, and the zoo -- two of my favorites!

Love from Maine --

beth said...

Great hat! Glad you had such a nice Father's Day. Can't wait to see you guys - we're planning our stops on Road Trip 2008 already.

P.S. Where were the chimpanzees?

Brooklyn Salt said...

Happy Father's Day.

Sounds like you had a great day with some great weather.

I didn't get yelled at, so that was a good father's day for me too!

Sonia said...

Glad your Father's Day was a great one! Hope looks just beautiful in her summer outfits. Oh, and great news on starting solids. :)

Sandi said...

Sounds like a great Father's Day! Glad you enjoyed it. I love the pic of Hope in her summer hat...she is the cutest :-)

Anonymous said...

Just got back on line and wanted to wiash you a belated father's day.
Your the best.