Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Reading

Hope has always loved books but this summer she seems to be even more book crazy. I have no idea if she loves the pictures or if it's just about turning the pages. Lately she's been touching her nose to pictures she especially likes (the one above is a picture of a red-haired little boy. Her first crush maybe?!????). It's too cute.

In other news, we got her ankle-foot orthotics last week and she seems to be adjusting to them well. They're not too big or bulky, though I did have to get new shoes a size bigger so they'd fit inside. We also checked out glasses this week. They weren't a lot of options for small babies but we did find one set of frames from Fisher Price (who knew Fisher Price made glasses?) that seems to fit the bridge of her nose nicely and go right around her ear. She looks like a little professor in them. Hope thought they were hilarious and promptly yanked them off.

Happy Wednesday!


Pam said...

sooo cute...she's fit right in with the maori's in new zealand! (that's how they say hello)

Great video...miss that little red haired girl! (and you guys too!)


Anonymous said...

So funny! I does look like she's paying a lot more attention to the pictures than she used to, and less to the sheer physical joy of flipping pages (or turning the books around and around . . .). She's making so many strides this summer!!

We really miss you guys!

Love from Grandma K.

Rachelle said...

How sweet! Nothing beats a good book!

heidi @ ggip said...

We are in the chewing books stage.

I am really interested in her new glasses!! I wish we could get some!!! I bet Hope will look great!

Love your new header!