Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mark your calendar (if you live in Metro Detroit)

It's official: We're FINALLY hosting a walk to raise money for the CdLS Foundation.

This has been a dream of mine ever since Will died nearly five years ago (I actually picked the date, Oct. 11, because Will would've been 5 on Oct. 15. I get a lump in my throat just thinking about that). I got close to organizing something one year -- found a location, pulled a permit, talked to the foundation about liability insurance. But for whatever reason, I couldn't pull it together. I don't think I was ready emotionally.

But with some prodding from a good friend and my supportive hubby, I finally decided to just DO SOMETHING this year. It may not be a 5K but it's a start and that feels good.

So here it is: The 1st annual Walk for Will & Hope. It's going to be an informal 2-mile walk at a park near our house, Stony Creek Metropark. There won't be any clocks or mad dashes to the finish line. And there's no registration fee. We'll be accepting donations only so all people have to do is show up, walk for a good cause, and donate as much or as little as they'd like. Our goal is raise $1,000. People who can't make it can also write a check and mail it directly to the foundation: Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation, 302 West Main Street, #100, Avon, CT, 06001 (Put Walk for Will & Hope in memo line). We also may have sponsor sheets that walkers can take to work or wherever and ask people to pledge a certain amount per mile.

I just wanted to share. If you're in the area, join us! We'd love to see you.


Jan said...

Sorry we can't make the walk, but we signed on to the Cdls Web page and made a donation -- that works, too, right?? Sure wish we could get our hands on that little cutie!

Lisa said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea and I'm so glad you guys are doing it. There's something about five years in terms of the grieving process. It seems like you're ready for this and we're hoping it's a wonderful day.

Rachelle said...

What a great idea - I sure hope everything goes well. I have been tossing around the idea of doing one in our area but haven't tackled it yet. I like your ideas - simple, comfortable and helping our kiddos at the same time. Good luck!

tiger said...