Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to School

Hopesy had first day of school Wednesday. It was really an orientation more than school day but we got to see her therapists, which was nice (we haven't seen them since June). We were only there an hour and Hope spent a good half of that rubbing her head, trying to get her bow out. Apparently bows are so last year. I tried to tuck it way on the back on her head, in the middle, so she couldn't get it with either hand but she on was on to my tricks. I didn't even attempt to put her hearing aids in.

We don't have her schedule yet but like last year, Hope will have two hours of therapy a week. That isn't much time to jam physical, occupational and speech therapy every week but it is what it is. Next year, she'll be in pre-school five days a week so I should enjoy this two day a week stuff while it lasts. My heart starts to palpitate just THINKING about plopping my 18-pound three-year-old on school bus next year. As Joel would say, those are worries for another day.

Gotta run! We're off to get a flu shot.


anita said...

Hope takes after her grandmother -- no sense of fashion whasoever! But I love her first-day-of-school outfit!

Hope it's a great school year for all of you.

Love from Grandma K.

Misty said...

our week was so similar last week!! we too have clinic therapies and mason also was really messing with his hearing aids before we got to pt, so i left them out of his ears!! and we both got our flu shots on thursday! and he will be in preschool next fall... yikes! we are already starting the process... and i swear my chest closes up every time i think about it, so i don't LOL! so, hopefully all of his surgeries are over and he has recovered before school starts for him.. (adnoids and tonsils removed, tubes, palate repair)... i try not to think about all that too much either! :)

Anonymous said...

I also love her new school outfit.
She looks so grown up! Love the before and after shots with the hairbow. She looks just darling regardless.

Happy School Year!

Love, Grandma Clem xoxo

Rachelle said...

Awwwww - what a sweetheart! I'm sure she will do fabulous at school!