Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Special exposure Wednesday

(Easter 2009, almost 17 months old, left; Easter '08, five months, right)

A year ago, Joel & I thought it would be fun to stick Hope in her Easter basket because she was so tiny. This year, we decided to do it again. She didn't fit as well and was none too pleased. Her legs didn't fit and I had to kind of squeeze her in (another example of my great mothering). It made me realize that as slow as we think Hope is growing -- about two ounces a week -- she IS growing and these photos remind me of that.

By the way, Hope has officially gained back all the weight she lost from the nasty stomach virus she caught (10 ounces) and then some. She's now up to 11 pounds, 8 ounces. Hip-hip-HOORAY! (You'll notice I use 50 million more exclamation points than Joel. I love 'em!) 

Happy Hump Day! 


heidi @ ggip said...

I love comparing the two pictures!! She does NOT look happy in the Easter picture this year. But she does look really cute.

I'm glad she has gained back the weight.

And I love exclamation points too. Sometimes I give them their own paragraph. :)

Misty said...

LOL! love the picture! and glad that you're taking a turn at blogging!
but please let joel know that we will miss his videos.. :) they are down right hilarious!
thank goodness she gained her weight back!!!! we are still trying to get mason caught up from his horrible bug! our kiddos definitely cannot afford to lose anything!!!!

and i too am addicted to exclamation points!!!!!!!!!! :) we will have to start a club.. or group on facebook.. (misty and maureen became a fan of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!! LOL) ;)

Lisa said...

I love the Easter basket pics. and more importantly how it reminded you that yes, she is growing. I do things like that with Liz. Especially when seasons change and I try to put her in the pair of pants she wore a year ago, I'm surprised that it's just slightly on the short side. But that's fine! We still get much more use out of clothing than others do! Another plus to having shorter kids!!

Anonymous said...

What a great photo! She is so cute no matter what she is doing. But you are right, she doesn't have that huge smile. She looks like, hey why are you doing this to me?
Happy Mothers Day MO!!

Debbie said...

I see a "12 lb. Party" in her future! :-)

Rachelle said...

You are right ~ Hope does not look happy in the newest photo but she still looks adorable! I'm happy to know she gained the weight back that she had lost. And I will have to join you and Misty in your facebook exclamation point group ~ I think I use them too much too!!!!!

~Rachel said...

Cute pictures of Hope. She is so adorable. It was neat to see her on my latest CDLS foundations mailer. Pictures are such a great way for us to see how much our children are growing. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.