Monday, May 18, 2009

Shake, rattle and roll

First, an apology: Steven Spielberg, I am not.

Above is a little video snippet I shot of Hope this weekend. After months of refusing to roll or even really be on her back (or belly), the little stinker has decided that rolling isn't that bad after all. She's still not doing full, continuous rolls on her own but she's getting much, much closer and she's so much better at rolling from her back to her belly. Sometimes she needs a little nudge but that's it. I've decided that I'm going to try really hard to do everything I can to get her to crawl so rolling is a good start.

In other news, Hope has an ear infection in one ear and has decided clapping is the most amazing thing ever. She claps for everything. Getting her pajamas on? YAY! Can't sleep? YAY! Lulu licked my face? YAY! I have thumbs? YAY! It's pretty cute. 

As a friend said today while watching Hope gnaw on a foam "W" (yes, the foam letters are still incredibly popular around here): "It's all about the simple pleasures." YAY!

Also, as you'll notice from the video, my obsession with hair bows continues. I went to a friend's house over the weekend and she introduced me to a friend of hers who makes the most amazing little headbands, bows and hats. The headbands -- one of which Hope has on in the video -- have been great so far at keeping the little hearing aid picker-outer from prying them out the first chance she gets (Today I caught her gnawing on one in her car seat while I was driving). I'm just glad we can finally take a break from the bonnets. I'm sure Hope is too.


Anonymous said...

No scotch tape on bows for Hope! haha I love her new headband! It's darling.
You did a great job with the video Moe - keep em coming!

Love and hugs,
Grandma Clem xox

heidi @ ggip said...

That headband is beautiful!!

I love her rolling. She is doing so well with a lot of her milestones!!

I had to laugh seeing her bang her feet like that. Blue does the same thing and thinks it is great.

The Watczaks said...

I think I need a headband like that!! (ummm, for emma, of course ... yeah)

quite the little mover! Go, Hope!

Misty said...

i am LOVING that headband!! it is beautiful AND helps keep those hearing aids in! wonderful!!
and like hope and blue, mason loves to bang his feet... ON EVERYTHING! i am glad that she is rolling more often. she'll be crawling in no time!

Staci said...

"yay" Hope!! Isn't it fun to celebrate the milestones!!! She looks so sweet in her headbands!

Pam said...

Great video! I love seeing her day to day stuff...and when she rolled over with the B in her mouth, it cracked me up! sooooo cute! Love the hair bands a girl who can accessorize!!

beth said...

Is it wrong that I played the video first before reading the blog because I excitedly saw a new headband and wanted to check it out?

YAY for rolling and clapping! How about a vid of the clapper?

suna said...

huray!!!! she is so determined and CHUBBY!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So precious! I had to go get Savannah to watch - and I knew what she would do. As she watched Hope she started singing, "Roll over, roll over" from one of her favorite songs, only her "l's" aren't so great, so it comes out "Row over, row over."

LOVE the headband!!

Rachelle said...

I love it when she rolled over with the B in her mouth ~ you are doing great Hope! Once Joey started rolling there was no stopping him ~ he could really get places! She looks adorable in the headband!

Rhonda said...

LOVE the headband. She is adorable. Good job rolling, Hope. Keep up the good work. Sean loves to clap, too. He will take everyone's hands and put them together so they will clap, too. It's a clapping extravaganza sometimes! Loved seeing Hope looking at me the other day when I got the mail.

Anonymous said...

Love it like everyone else. What a great coach you are. And Hope has her technique down! Love the headband too. So cute.

hair bows said...

I love the video, so funny! I'm also excited to see my niece rolling like that, she's 2 months old. LOL :) By the way, your baby looks so pretty with that hair bow.

Aunt Molly said...

Too, too cute. And I agree with all the ladies, the headband is pretty darn cute. I had a hair clip like that when I was in 5th grade...oh yeah.

Love and miss you!
Molls xoxo