Friday, May 22, 2009

Look who's talking

We should've known this was coming given her two bigmouth parents: Hope is becoming a Chatty Cathy (or so we hope -- no pun intended).

For whatever reason, our little pipsqueak has finally realized that when her lips, tongue and vocal chords work together, she makes sounds. I think it started with raspberries a couple weeks ago and this week she's progressed to actual sounds. It's not babbling but it's something. She doesn't say any consonant sounds yet but I did hear a "la." And I have no idea why but she's especially vocal when she's on her belly or standing next to our couch, facing the back of it. Again, I have no idea why. I just go with it. Joel thinks she sounds like a wounded seal. I just love hearing her voice at all.

To the other CdLS moms, is this typical? Some CdLS kids are non-verbal. They use sign language or other devices to communicate. So I've never taken it for granted that Hope would talk. I've prayed and hoped that she would but I always knew that speech is very, very delayed. So I'll take any sounds from her, even wounded seal sounds.

Other than Hope's vocalizing, we've just been enjoying the nice weather the last couple days (though I had to work Thursday and Friday). We went for a nice long walk on Wednesday. Unfortunately, it was too long for Hope and she had a meltdown & refused to sit in the stroller without wailing for half of it. I had to hold her along with Lulu's leash and push the stroller at the same time. I'm sure my mother of the year applications will be rolling in any minute now. I had several passers-by look at me like I was completely nuts. About a half mile from home, I finally realized I needed to just strap her in, let her cry and she would get over it. And she did. Lesson learned for next time.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


heidi @ ggip said...

Go Hope! That's funny that she likes to talk next to the sofa. And I just LOVE those headbands. Those aren't really an option for us although I try to tame his hair!

I don't know what is typical for CdLS. Blue does babble when he feels like it. However, the only other CdLS kid I know is non verbal and uses some signs and the "ahhhh" voice.

You could look on the developmental milestones chart online at the foundation I think they have something about that.

I hope you are having a great weekend!!!!

suna said...

cyrus is coming out with words now. mama, up, and hi and the best ones the other words are around food, egg, nuts, yo-yo (yogurt). he also uses around 40 signs. Does she have a speach pathologist? I had to advocate for one. she is awesome and we have been seeing her once a week since he was 7-8 months.
the clds charts are not bases on a real "pool" of cases so keep that in mind if you check them out.

Staci said...

I love it! Vinny "talks" to himself alot at night and after he eats food by mouth...Can't wait to hear more video of her chatting to the couch :)

Rachelle said...

I love to hear her sweet voice! Joey is usually very vocal, making a lot of sound that seems to have meaning behind it. My favorite is when he follows me around doing his little knee walking thing saying Mama. So far Mama is the only word he says which is fine with me. He definately associates the word with me and only says it when he sees me. It is music to my ears!

Anonymous said...

Go Hope! She must be another winter-hater, blossoming when the weather gets warmer. So much development in such a short time! I can hardly wait to see her again.

Love from Grandma K.

The Watczaks said...

your description of the "stroller ride" made me laugh out loud. I've SO been there, except for me it was when I took both kids (Emma is 6 mo and Charlie is 2 and 1/2) to the zoo and forgot the stroller. emma riding on my tummy, diaper bag slung across the shoulder, toddler on the hip bc he's tired of walking. i must have looked ridiculous!

Emma's voice sounds similar to Hope's. I remember, though, that the dying seal sounds got much clearer really fast. Now she's not nearly as raspy and she's got a FEW consonants

I agree with Suna about the milestone charts, too. If you look at the number of kids who were in the study and the number of kids who actually accomplished the skills, it doesn't seem to be a good sampling of kids.

And I remember your post awhile back about throwing away the milestone charts - not that they aren't useful, but I agree with you that for me they can become too much of a thing. Emma will do what Emma will do when Emma will do it!

Leslie Anna said...

Oh how sweet that must be! I just cant wait for that moment! Kaylee just got her first tooth and I am still in shock and think it is the sweetest little tooth I have ever seen! She is on the vent most of the time and she has learned to what I call 'growl' over the vent and its too funny =) I just want you to know when I make the time to get on here I always check out this blog =) Little Hope and your family are just all too amazing! She is a gorgeous baby!

Karen said...

Cute video!
Ben vocalizes a fair amount, usually just variations on the same "ahhhh" sounds that Hope is making. (As a matter of fact, it's 4 am and he's chatting away happily in his crib!) He hasn't really done too many consonant sounds at all so far. I've heard something that sounds like "na" on occasion.
How funny about the stroller incident! We have the same issue with Nate and we do the same thing (strap him in and let him complain). Ben loves his stroller and never complains about being in it.

~Rachel said...

Congratulations!! How fun! Hope sounds so cute.
Her head band is darling.

My son,Jacob is 8 and he mainly uses sign but he is very "vocal" meaning he makes lots of noises but the only actual words he can say are Mum-Mum for mom and nigh-nigh for night- night. He loves music and can hum the tune of many of his favorite songs including Bethoven's fifth symphony.