Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sluggish return

Form held true this week. So much for the perfect homecoming.

Hope and Mo arrived Tuesday. There were kisses, Welcome Home signs and lots of sleep. Initially, that seemed understandable. Their trek home from Maine began at 4 a.m. and spanned two flights.

When Hope slept all day Wednesday as well, we worried. When her temperature reached 102, we knew something was wrong. She was listless. She didn't make eye contact. She would sort of wake up for a half-hour, gulp some food, and then fall asleep halfway through.

We phoned the doctor on Thursday and went in on Friday. He seems to think she has a viral and respiratory infection. He didn't seem altogether concerned -- it's the summer sick season -- and prescribed Albuterol to relax airway muscles and increase air flow into her lungs.

Her fever broke today, but it was replaced by a splotchy rash that began on her neck and spread to her back. It may be the virus expunging itself, but it also seems consistent with Roseola, a fairly common and quite contagious virus. Our doctor downplayed the possibility she caught it on the planes, but it seems like a good bet. She's a bit better today, but still pretty sleepy. We go back to the doctor on Monday.

She's had a few bouts of colds, but we've never seen her so completely listless and uninterested. It's tough to see your little one so out of it. She was a super trouper in Maine, in great spirits and charming strangers. I had a hunch she would have a tough time adjusting to home after almost 20 days away, but this was a bit scary.

Hope seems to be turning the corner a bit. She was eating like a champ today and making a run at grabbing the glasses from Mo's face.

We're happy she's home. We'll be happier when she's all the way back.

(thanks for pix, pop)


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Poor thing. I'm glad she is on the upswing.

Misty said...

oh my goodness, poor little pumpkin!! she looks totally wiped in that picture, but still cute as a button. SO glad to hear she is better though... yuck, summer germs!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes. Sorry you've had such worry, and glad things are looking up.

Things are awfully boring here since you've gone. I still wake up half expecting to get to do oatmeal duty and read pop-up books.

Love from Maine!

Lisa said...

I remember that Roseola. Very scary. Because the fever gets so high!

Sounds like you guys had such a wonderful time in Maine. Love the slide show. We're battling with technology to come up with something half as good. -- actually that's Brian that's battling with technology. He's a fighter. I've given up. : )