Thursday, August 28, 2008

Three generations

Our pal, Kim, took this photo after the wedding. It's nice that not everyone is on a photo hiatus.


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Good luck with the Hemeoccult. I remember those from the hospital. His tested positive from time to time there, but they never knew why. They thought it might have been from the iron in the vitamin.

I saw Hope's picture in the latest CdLS foundation newsletter!

Jan said...

Very sweet photo of the three generations! Grandma looks pretty proud, as she should be.

Anonymous said...

Hope is a celebrity! I just saw her photo in the latest Reaching Out! This week's blog challenge is to visit at least 10 CdLS blogs and comment on them. I wanted to let you know I always enjoy your blog, Hope's beautiful photos (shame on you for taking a photo hiatus! *Just kidding*.) and your sense of humor. It always cheers me up. As a side note, you may be creating a model who loves to have her photo taken. I can't get out my camera anymore without Baylee *insisting* I take her photo. She'd thoroughly enjoy having an entire album of photos just of her (hmmm...potential Xmas gift?). She's becoming quite vain. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Give Kim our thanks!

We're thinking of you all and your next medical adventure on Tuesday. Give yourselves extra hugs from us.

Love you --

Grandma K.

Sandi said...

What a great photo! Hope has the most gorgeous red hair!

Karen said...

I wonder how I missed Hope's photo in "Reaching Out"? Maybe I didn't get mine yet???
Very cool 3-generation photo!