Friday, February 29, 2008


The past week or so around these parts have been filled with "avast, aghast, pity poor us" posts. All the facts are true -- tough questions from strangers, a bad sleep study, strange doctors -- but in sum, they may give the impression that times are tough. They're not. Hope is doing great.

She's been in physical and occupational therapy for more than a month and has responded well. I have to be careful what I say and avoid giving either therapist clever nicknames because they're readers. But it's safe to report Hope is a promising pupil. We worried about how she'd handle 30 minutes of stimulation, but so far, she has exceeded our expectations.

They come to our house on alternate Wednesdays and work on things like neck control, balance, tummy time and building muscle. Sometimes, that's through bouncing her on exercise balls or laying her on her tummy. Other exercises involve toys with bright lights. Eventually, therapy will expand to off-site visits for a group therapy session on Thursdays.

Two observations from the physical therapist have delighted us.

I see Hope running one day.


Socially, Hope is where she's supposed to be or even a bit advanced.

I think Mo almost cried when she heard both. Too often, our expectations have had to shift downward. It's great to have high hopes.

P.S.: The uber-cool photos above are from my brother, Steve. That's my sister, Beth, and Hope being enthralled by a Daisuke Matsuzaka doll. Steve's a great shutterbug. Thanks, dude.

P.P.S: Happy birthdays to two of our favorite ladies: Mo's Leap Year sissy, Molly, and my dear ol' Momito. We love you guys oodles.


Anonymous said...

And I hear she's starting to be wary of strangers, such as her East Coast uncles and auntie. Bad news for them, great news developmentally! Hurrah for the occupational therapists and for our star pupil!

Happy birthday, Molly -- I didn't know we were aligned under the same stars. English majors -- it's figures! (I know, I know -- you abandoned the True Path for riches, but we forgive you.)

Love from Grandma K.

Karen said...

I'm so glad to hear that Hope is doing so well with her therapies!

Pam said...

glad to hear things are going well...the pictures have been great lately, she's such a smiley girl! can't wait to see you guys in about 6 weeks!

Misty said...

Go HOPE!! It is wonderful to hear that she is doing so well! keep it up little one!

Lisa said...

I understand how those comments can bring tears. You can only take so many negative-sounding comments from drs. "We're concerned about x y &z, and while it may not be urgent, it's something we need to keep a close eye on, and could cause major problems in the future." UGH..

After hearing things like that so many times, you JUMP FOR JOY, when someone says: "She's doing great." It makes your week and maybe even your month.

Yay Hope!

Lisa, Brian and Liz.