Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A few notes about collaboration

We have a few arguments in this house about blog entries. I write 'em. Mo edits 'em. Initially, Mo felt jealous, claiming I spent more time with the blog than her. She dropped that when I started spending more time with her.

Lately, the friction stems from our philosophical differences as journalists. I want to tell rip-roaring yarns that entertain, enlighten, provoke and even tickle the heart. She keeps insisting they be factually accurate.

Whatever, lady.

Honestly, we walk a tight line. Our first priority is protecting Hope. There are some scary possibilities with CdLS that don't need to be announced and prejudice anyone's view of her. But we also have an opportunity to spread the word about a syndrome most don't know exist.

So there are many chats about how much to say, when and how. I usually err toward letting it rip, brutal honesty and endless chin scratching that paints me in the best possible light. Mo prefers a judicious, "We went to the doctor today and here is what happened" approach. At times, the chasm proved so great that I threatened to (a) Start a secret, alternative blog using pseudonyms and a made-up condition where I could finally be free to vent inner demons and philosophize (b) Kick her off the blog about her daughter or (c) Withhold kisses until she is a nicer editor who lets me write what I want.

Her response: "Whatever, loser."

That's my lady!

We've bandied about compromises. Mo doesn't want to alternate entries. I suggested we approach the blog like an annotated study Bible: I'd set down divine prose and she'd make persnickety notes in adjoining, red-font paragraphs to offer her claim to the "truth."

Until then, we're stuck as collaborators, in more ways than one and must make it work. In that spirit, here's the latest, in prose to make Mo proud.

Monday, Mo took Hope to the eye doctor for a routine examination. Hope is doing well. She can see well. She does not have cataracts. Her eyes were dilated. She tracks motion well. The doctor is a nice old man. He gave tips on how to massage the balls of Hope's eyes to ease what appears to be a blockage in her tear ducts causing excess eye boogers. We will seem him again in a few months, but so far, so good!

Last week, Hope began occupational therapy. She will have occupational or physical therapy every Wednesday at our house and, when she is big enough, will go to group therapy Thursdays with other tots. It is part of Michigan's Early On intervention effort for special-needs children.

The therapists work on such things as "tummy time," neck control, feeding and eventually crawling and arm control. One of the exercises involves a helium balloon. You put it near her to encourage eye tracking and playing with her arms. She had a jolly good time Monday night with a Valentine's Day balloon. We held her, she giggled and followed as it gently bobbed and swayed. She reached for it repeatedly, but didn't quite bat it with her hands. Oh well. A good time was had by all. We also worked on an exercise with a rubber pilates ball. She lays on it with her tummy and we gently roll her. That encourages neck control. She did a good job.

Our sleep study last week was postponed until Feb. 19 from Friday. Other than therapy on Wednesday, it is a quiet week.

Over and out.


Anne said...

Mo has never been one to mince words...she obviously doesn't take after Beef!

Good news about Hope's eyes...love the video!

Jan said...

"Oh, Mom and Dad, can't you PLEASE put those mobiles where I can reach them??" She's really into it! So alert and looking for fun. What a cutie. I like the point-counterpoint approach to the blog -- !

Brooklyn Salt said...

Hilarious post.

grandma k. said...

Hooray for bright eyes!! She's grown even since we were ther -- her cheeks are filling out nicely. Lower that mobile just a little, would you? She'll snag that round red thing in a minute!

Karen said...

Very cute video!
I am glad that the eye appointment went well. Ben sometimes has the "eye booger" problem too, especially when he has a cold.
It's great that your early intervention sessions have started. Ben hated these at first, but the older he gets, the more fun he seems to have.
It's so funny that you guys had an argument about blogging. My husband Mark and I solved that problem by having separate blogs!

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