Thursday, February 14, 2008


Last year, Mo surprised me by taking me to White Castle for Valentine's Day. It was fantastic: They closed the restaurant a few hours for reservation-only service that included white tablecloths, sparkling apple cider, tiny cheeseburgers, red roses and a heaping side of l-u-v.

No White Castle this year. Bummer. Hope's still a bit on the small side and we're still in the throes of flu season. We're slowly removing the protective yolk around her, but plopping her for an hour inside a greasy burger joint still falls a shade outside our comfort zone.

So it's a picnic on the living room floor, befitting our season of hibernation. I will stare deeply into Mo's eyes. She will tell me to brush my teeth.

Seriously, it's a happy day. I'm lucky to have a wonderful wife whose patience, strength, intelligence and humor continue to amaze and humble me. Hope has been an absolute joy after a rough stretch for a few weks. She's very active, bright-eyed, attentive and smiling like crazy. Lulu's no slouch either. I have great ladies in my life. The cats are another story.


beth said...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! (Even you, Fig & Jack.) Hugs to the Hopester.


Karen said...

Happy Valentine's Day, guys! Hibernating can be fun sometimes!

Misty said...

LOL!! sorry that you missed white castle this! but i know that this year is even more special for you!! thanks for the laughs!

Brooklyn Salt said...

White guys know how to live...seriously.

Your picnic sounds similar to our romantic Chinese food delivery.

Xs and Os all around.

Anonymous said...

I lift all of you in thought and prayer EACH DAY, especially HOPE BEATRICE! She will make the perfect Chalfonte Kid! Much love, Jimeyer

archivist said...

She looks so wise in those photos . . . Well, not the one where she's falling asleep. But in the others you can just see Great Thoughts behind those bright eyes.

Big hugs from Maine!

Grandma & Grandpa K.

Amy said...

Hope looks so much bigger these days! And I'm really glad to hear (um, read) about the genetic study you're undertaking. Wonderful to know Hope'll be part of the process of understanding all this. Good luck and take care! (Oh, and there's always a next year for White Castle...:)


tiger said...