Monday, March 21, 2011


Sometimes my heart aches for CdLS kids and how much they have to go through.

This winter has been a doozy for so many. I know of at least three (thanks to the wonders of Facebook) who've gotten so sick in the last couple months they've had to be put on ventilators and were literally fighting for their lives. One developed pneumonia and sepsis. Another little boy was sedated and sick for days. Another little girl got RSV -- a serious respiratory virus -- earlier this winter and also was critically ill. Thank God, she's home now, but the other two are still in the hospital.

With so many of our kids, their resilience AMAZES me. From reflux issues to sinus problems to muscle weakness to teeth problems, their challenges are endless. On top of it all, many can't even tell loved ones if they're hurting because they're non-verbal. And yet, they trudge on, fight back, and endure.

Our little Hope is no different. I feel so incredibly grateful that she's been fairly healthy so far. Still, there are times that I look at her and I'm awed by how hard she's had to work for things that come effortlessly to others. Just learning to sit didn't happen until she was 13 months old due to low muscle tone. She was 9 pounds when she finally sat on her own. 9 POUNDS!

Today, she's walking; getting into sit without a problem; pulling to a stand; and can stand unassisted (funny as it sounds, she could walk before she could just stand, which required a lot more strength). She no longer uses binkies or bottles, and we're full-steam ahead into potty training, which is going surprisingly well. She usually goes every morning on the potty but is inconsistent the rest of the day.

Are we anywhere near being fully potty-trained? No. But we're getting there. Every time she does her business, she gets a twinkle in her eye and grins like "I have a little present for you!" All this from a little girl I worried might never walk or be potty-trained. Ever.

Anyhow, I just wanted to send a shout out to all of the children I know with CdLS and their parents. You amaze me and remind me daily that our kids are fighters.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, Maureen. You deserve a lot of credit as well for Hopesy's progress. You are a great mother.


Anita said...

I second the motion! For most of us, it's only when something hits us upside the head that we remember to be grateful, and to appreciate what amazing things people deal with and conquer. I'm so grateful you both take such good care of, and work so hard with, our precious granddaughter. You and all the parents out there with special needs kids are true heroes.

Love you!
Grandma K.

The Hall said...

You guys are rock stars, seriously. Hooray for Hope!