Thursday, June 11, 2009


It's the kind of thing that can keep you up at night. You flip through magazines. You scour the aisles at Hallmark and your local craft store. You wonder, "Will they like it? Will it be just right?"

You know what I'm talking about (especially moms): What to get your kid's therapists or teachers for an end of the school year gift. I know Heidi from God's Grace in Practice blogged about this a couple weeks ago.

I'm still learning what the etiquette is for all stuff but I figure a small holiday and end-of-the-year present is the least I can do for the important people helping Hope learn to walk and talk. 

Last year, I bought each therapist a small basil plant (I was obsessed with growing herbs in my backyard). This year, I stole an idea from Parents magazine for a homemade pencil holder. It sounds very fourth grade-ish -- paint a tin can, put some colored rubber bands around it along with a nifty name tag on it and you're all good -- but I thought it turned out cute. Joel promptly mocked me when he saw me painting the cans. I know what he WON'T be getting for Father's Day.

Our last days of therapy were Monday and Tuesday and we finished the school year with a big party at school on Wednesday. There were train rides, duck games, and cupcakes galore. Of course, Hope liked the balloons attached to the table centerpiece more than anything else. 

So summer is here again. We won't see Hope's therapists again until September which bums me out in a way but it'll be nice to have a break, too. I'm off to northern Michigan for a week at the end of the month -- I'll post about that later -- and we're all going to Maine for a week in July. In between, I'd love to take Hope camping, dip her toes in her own sandbox, take her for a swing ride and go swimming again (she's only been once -- ever -- in a heated pool at the CdLS Conference in Chicago). 

What are your big summer plans?


Staci said...

LOVE this idea! I saw this in Parents and thought it was great...I am just to lazy to make it!

beth said...

My summer plans involve hanging with you guys at the house in Maine (yay!) and doing endless college campus tours with Kate (boo- man, those things are long!)
I'm also looking forward to not having two cranky teens (!!) getting up at 6 am. Ahhh, sleep.

I remember the panicked days of teacher gifts. How much should I spend? What can you get that they won't get 20 more? Our elementary schools finally went the route of class gifts ... everyone chips in $5 or so and books were purchased for classrooms. What a relief!

heidi @ ggip said...

That looks like a really nice gift to me! I hope the therapists loved it!

Although we do continue therapy through the summer, there will be a lot of breaks due to either our vacation time or theirs. It will be nice to have a less demanding schedule! All of us think so.

I hope you have a really nice summer!

Anonymous said...

You can make me a pencil holder anytime you want! I like it!!

Our summer plans aren't materializing, except for the pre-planned ones, because it won't stop raining. All we're hoping for is a warm day to sit on the porch!

Hope looks older every time we see a photo -- seems like there are lots of changes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that anonymous comment was me, Grandma K. Maybe I need to get a name!

afeighan said...

Those are so cute, sis! I need to start getting some tips from you...