Monday, June 1, 2009

Return from exile

Aloha, sports fans:

I've been away from BlogLand for precisely one month, and I gotta be honest: It's not all it's cracked up to be. Reality is spooky! It's hot outside, there's yard work to be neglected and diets to abandon.

Fortunately, Mo filled in superbly in our small corner of the cyber village. OK, more than superbly: Mo rocks this blog thing. Granted, there was a conspicuous absence of Finnish disco dancers and fat men playing xylophones -- and a disturbing proliferation of exclamation points -- but I was entertained, enlightened and impressed. So much so, in fact, that 18 months into this social experiment, we've decided to do what adults would have months ago: Share the blog love. She'll write. I'll write. She'll share feelings. I'll post inappropriate videos of our 19-month-old cherub to the tune of "I Drink Alone." A 1,000-year reign of mirth will ensue.

Perfecto! It's just like the Romper Room preached decades ago: Sharing is fun!


afeighan said...

Classic Joel production... Nice work. Hope is pretty inspiring with that bottle in her hands.

Love, Aunt Annie

P.S. And Moe says I never look at the blog...

beth said...

Nothing starts your morning like a little George Thorogood and mooing cows, I always say!

Nice job on the loafing and welcome back, Joel. Glad Mo is sticking around too.

P.S. Don't forget: Barney says, "Sharing is Caring."

Rachelle said...

Welcome back Joel - oh how I missed your video productions! This one should win an Oscar! Glad you guys decided to share the blog love - you both do a fantastic job! Love Hope's head banging rockin out - give her some hugs from us!

Misty said...

love the pics and video!! i love reading BOTH of your posts!

hope is a rock start with all of her skills! love to see her thriving!

AddisonBrown1 said...

Hello. I just saw your comment on Addison's blog and came to visit your blog. I love the video. The cows rocking to George made me smile. Hope is a beautiful girl.