Thursday, April 30, 2009

Out of time

Mo's mother is so continually behind in her reading that she carries an ever-expanding sack of old newspapers. Not only does she never catch up, but with each passing day, she falls further behind, prompting some weird time-space continuum moments and great fodder for teasing.

"Shhhhhh. Don't tell Clem that 'Falcon Crest' went off the air." "How are you preparing for  Y2k?" "I dunno why, but something tells me this whippersnapper Ronald Reagan has a shot at the White House."

Well, hardy har har. Suddenly, I can relate, as time becomes an ever-shrinking commodity and it takes me until midnight to complete a month-old collage on Easter. At this rate, I'll be putting the finishing touches on my "Sister and Mom Come to Town" video by Columbus  Day.


Misty said...

that is so cute! love it! she looks so adorable sitting there in her jammies watching and popping the bubbles!

Rachelle said...

Another outstanding video! Hope looks like she enjoyed her Easter. My sister is behind on her reading too ~ only it's with People magazine. When she's done she passes them on to me. I just now learned that Brad and Angelina had twins. :o) Anyway, here are the answers to a couple questions you left on our blog about PECS and Joey's horseback riding. Hope it helps!
PECS stands for Picture Exchange Communication System. It is not electronic and Joey uses a picture to show what he wants. There are several different pictures ~ all pre printed and you can use your own too ~ and the idea is to pick the picture of the item he wants and give to us, his teacher, or whoever. They have velcro on the back and there are roughly 6 steps to learning the process. He can use a sentence strip and hopefully someday go get the book himself to communicate his needs. He is in the last stages of the learning process and seems to understand the concept well. As for horseback therapy ~ it is wonderful. This will be Joey's 3rd season and it really helps his balance and trunk strength. He started just after he turned 3 years old. It has help him progress in his abilities tremendously. We travel about 45 miles each week for his sessions but it is well worth it. I definately suggest finding out if there is a place in your area.

beth said... the slo-mo and Lulu with the bubbles. She looks like Jaws.

Sandi said...

Another great video!! It was definitely worth the wait :-) Love the slo-mo with the bubbles!