Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back on the radio

The frequency was fuzzy. We kept fiddling and diddling with the dial, jiggling crumbled aluminum foil over the broken antenna. But we're back on the radio.

Few things in life are more boring that blogs about the lack of blogs, so we'll spare the gory details. The long answer involves a not-as-swift-as-it-seems-on-TV conversion from Windows to a Mac, Lulu eating our homework and a strange cat who popped on our doorstep and promised three magical wishes but instead gave us powerful lesson on love.

OK. We're making the last one up. The short answer is, as they say in the news business, no news is good news. As most with blogs know, the longer you go without posting, the easier it is for the urge to post to atrophy.

And the truth is, things are going pretty well. Hopesy kicked her cold, she's been a terrific mood, laughing at everything and nothing and infecting us with her giddy enthusiasm for the same. My dear ol' Mom, lovely sister and suddenly-stronger-than-me-and-it's-scary tween nephew visited as well,  giving us another excuse to avoid the blog like a bacon-chomping tourist back from Mexico.

We'll get better in May. We promise. Unless the sun starts shining or something.


The Watczaks said...

welcome back! :) glad Hope is feeling better.

Seeing as we're relatively new around the block, the CdLS foundation just sent us a welcome letter (or "please give" letter, not sure ...) and when i saw your little family's picture at the top, I said to my husband, "That's Hope! I know them!" Upon questioning, I admitted "ok, I don't, like, in real life *know* them, but in *blog* world I *totally* know them" hee hee

the point of my story is that it was fun to recognize a face and that i realized how much this little CdLS blog community has positively affected my journey. i'm sure you've read "welcome to holland" ... even though this wasn't on the itinerary, it's nice to have gotten to the point where some of the faces here are familiar!

heidi @ ggip said...

We're happy to keep up to date with your and Hope's story whenever you have time to write.

Glad to hear she's recovered.