Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bad dog

Did you hear the one about the dog who thought she needed hearing aids?

No joke. Continuing this month's theme of animal-induced melodrama, the scene was thus: Mo is downstairs; Hope is dozing contentedly, dreaming of ceiling fans; I am reading with the dog at my feet. It's an achingly stereotypical portrait of suburban idyll.

And then: Crunch, goes the dog. Huh? goes the oblivious owner. Crunch goes the dog again.

By the time I look down, the damage is done. Lulu is nibbling on one of the Oticon Vigo BTEs, the sleek, pretty-in-pink hearing aid that we spent the summer battling bureaucrats to acquire. We had them precisely one month.

We were mortified. The aids go in a hard plastic carrying case. They were left somewhere Lulu could find them, which as a friend says, is planet Earth. We were especially embarrassed because we felt like irresponsible ninnies who need to learn everything the hard way.

It went down something like this.

Fortunately, insurance is picking up the cost, and no animals were hurt in the reenactment.

We adopted Lulu as a puppy two years ago this week after listening to "Marley and Me," a tale of another bad dog who's hard not to love. Since that time, Lulu has destroyed our yard, eaten roughly 130 pairs of socks and underwear and ruined our carpet.

But she's tough to stay mad at for very long. Everyone has their thing. Lulu's is eating stuff.

On another level, we think Lulu has prepared us for raising a special-needs daughter, imbuing us with forgiveness, understanding and patience that we were sorely lacking a few years ago. Or maybe that's just a hifalutin way to say we're too lazy for more dog training.


beth said...

Oh Lulu. First Dice-K, now the beautiful pink hearing aids. All the valuables.

Great video! The shot of Lulu's eye makes her look evil.

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff! Sometime you'll have to show me how to add in all the fun graphics.

Funny dog -- or not so funny at times, maybe. Ar least she's consistent; is there anything she won't eat?

Miss you all --

Grandma K.

Brooklyn Salt said...

I'm glad insurance is picking this up.

I love the movies too. Hilarious!!!

Pam said...

peeing my pants over here in Singapore...hilarious video! Oh crazy girl!

Rachelle said...

Sorry about the hearing aids ~ but that is a fantastic video! Glad insurance is cooperating with you. I saw Hope's picture in Reaching Out today ~ it is a great shot and she is adorable as usual!

Sandi @ Life with Jessica said...

The video is hilarious!!! Thanks for a much needed laugh! Sorry about the hearing aids though...glad insurance is covering them.

Sounds like Lulu and Jess have a lot in common. She too will eat anything (ugh!).

Misty said...

YIKES!! i really need to watch the video now...

don't feel too bad, i am so used to mason wearing them, i put him in his sink/tub with them on...they didn't fall in, but it took me quite a while to realize how perilously close they were to falling into the bath water... uugghh.

Misty said...

ok, i am crying over that video... you are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

You've got to love that dog! Lulu is certainly teaching you patience, patience and then some.
The video was hysterical. Loved the steam coming out of Hope's ears! You're missing your calling Joel!

Love you,
Grandma Clem

Lisa said...

Holy Crap! That was so funny - probably because I can see the same thing happening to us!!!

Anonymous said...

Since, the insurance company will be helping out, I feel I can say that that video makes it all worth it! SO FUNNY- I can't stand it!:) Sorry Hope!