Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another pointless video

This is how things work 'round here. I waste two hours making a video. Mo takes one look at it and pronounces it "pointless" and "schmaltzy." I sulk for three days, mostly because I know she's right.

After day four, I surrender and post it anyway, figuring "pointless is better than nothing."

Things have quieted somewhat after the confusion over the fundoplication. We've concluded that our best option now is to wait, monitor and see what surprise wily ol' Dr. Spitenup has in store for us next.

In the meantime, Hope's been grouchy. She hasn't smiled much this week. When she has, the recipient has been stuff like the back of books and armchairs. Us? Pfft. Yesterday's news. But mattress covers? Now, those are Grade A comedy.

We take it in stride for about two days. On Day Two, we rationalize: Well, she was really happy last week, so she's due. On Day Four, we search for meaning. A few nights ago, in the groggy television wasteland after a 3 a.m. feed, Mo watched a special on autism. It wasn't quite what the doctor ordered, especially the part about smiling more for objects than people.

For the next few days, it's difficult not to see signs everywhere. Autism is a real possibility with CdLS. Like a lot of scary eventualities, it's not something we need to concern ourselves with now. But it's still hard not to wonder and worry.

Until then, into Day Seven of the smile slowdown, we wait for the breakthrough we know is coming.


Anonymous said...

Your video is wonderful...never pointless when such a precious face is the subject! You have true talent, and even more conviction with regard to your beautiful little girl. Our plates are only as full as we make them, but your family is blessed to have their plates full with such love for a wonderful girl!

Rachelle said...

The video is wonderful ~ Hope makes a great star! We will send good thoughts your way!

Jen said...

Tell Maureen not to watch the Autism documentaries on TV, there's a lot of bunk out there right now. I know the unknowns can be scary -- try to keep the focus on today.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I am always looking for the signs of Autism too. I try to figure out if there are some therapies I can do now that will help later. But who knows!

I saw another Hope picture in Reaching Out this month. :)

Sandi @ Life with Jessica said...

I'm a sucker for schmaltzy videos so I thought it was great!! Who wouldn't like it with Hope as the star :)

I'm sure Hope's smile will be back in full-force soon. Don't worry too much about her smiling at "things". Jess did that a lot as a baby. There was one particular corner in our dining room that she would smile, laugh and babble and coo at all the time (it freaked me out!). But now she smiles at us and others all the time...though I think half the time when she smiles at me it's because she's imagining my reaction when I discover what she's been up to!! LOL