Thursday, May 22, 2008


Phew. It's been one of those weeks where breathing is a luxury: Hearing aids, a baby blessing ceremony/open house and endoscopy all in the span of four days. At this rate, we're planning to take up stem cell research as a hobby over the long holiday weekend.

Hopesy has emerged from the hubbub like a champ. She was feeling so miserable last week we almost canceled a blessing ceremony we planned at our house on Sunday. We postponed her hearing aids and were about 5 minutes of continuous screams away from taking her to the hospital on Friday, when Dr. Spitenup had a suggestion: Mylanta. Cherry Flavor if possible.

Eureka. It was a magic mood changer.

Despite our worries, she was a doll as dozens of people pawed over her for five hours Sunday. Kids ran buck wild. Our house is too small. We spent far too long cleaning and cooking. And it was easily one of our favorite parties ever. If it could have gone better, we're not sure how.

Tuesday, she got her temporary hearing aids. They're a bit big, but Hope doesn't seem to mind them at all once they're in. We worried about behavior issues and were warned to ease them in gradually, beginning at 10-minute intervals. But she acts like she's been wearing them for years.

We capped the excitement Wednesday with an endoscopy, a surgical procedure that snakes a tube down her throat to try to find what made her so fussy last week. We thought it was reflux. Spitenup, true to form, isn't so sure. The scope didn't find major damage that would indicate a bigger problem.

We're not sure where that leaves us -- or what to make of how much Hope enjoyed sedation. As the drugs kicked in, it was as though all her old favorites -- Dice-K dolls, ceiling fans, balloons -- were tickling her toes. She smiled. She laughed at nothing in particular. She dug the world, then she dug sleep.

And we dig her. It's been one of those weeks of extreme emotion -- up, down, anxiety, fear, frustration and elation -- that, when we finally get a spare second, make us realize that we're very lucky and proud.


The Hall said...

So glad life got a little better for you guys this week. And LOVE that full head of red hair on Hope!

Misty said...

i love her face in that popsicle pic!! LOL! it looks like you had a wonderful open house and she looks so adorable in her pink dress!! wishing you some relaxation. i am so glad that the temp hearing aids are working out! we are 'not so patiently' waiting for mason's ent to get the ball rolling and for insurance to give the ok.
it is so cute the way you described her reaction to sedation!! i have never seen her in person, but i really can picture it LOL!!

beth said...

Glad you had such a great weekend! Here's hoping the blogging of good news doesn't produce the whammy effect and bring on the crankiness, 'cause we need more blog (and pics)!!

Noah said...

I was so glad to hear that the week went well. I've been thinking about Hope ever since your post last week. I'm really glad to hear that the endoscopy showed no significant damage and that mylanta helped so much! I love that grin! It reminds me so much of Tyler when he smiles.

Karen said...

So glad that the blessing ceremony went well and that Hope had no obvious damage to her esophagus. I'm also glad that the Mylanta helped!
It's great that you guys got the temporary hearing aids and that Hope is tolerating them well. Ben doesn't seem to notice his most of the time. I remember the very first time he wore them. We were at the audiology office and he was half-asleep. When we put them in he immediately woke up, and gazed around wide-eyed the rest of the evening.