Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mystery solved?

We like to think we're clever people. I almost solved a Suduko once. Mo kicks some serious patootey at Scrabble. We're both self-aware enough to know that few things can make you feel so dumb, so fast as child-rearing.

We've been in fits over Hope's mystery ailment. She has a bad cough. She's running a low-grade fever. Her diaper rash looks like the surface of Mars. She drools like Marmaduke eying the mailman.

Last week, we took Hope to the pediatrician. The diagnosis: Who knows? Maybe she has an ear infection. The treatment: 10 days of bubble-gum flavored antibiotics.

The drool, two-pack-a-day cough, diaper rash and boogies persisted.

Next came Internet research. Is it allergies? Do we need to find a good home for Lulu or -- horrors -- actually start cleaning the house?

We were onto the rock 'n' roll pneumonia and the croup before Mo put it all together.

Bad rashes. Coughing. Drooling. Irritability. Mo stuck her hand in Hope's mouth.

Son of a gun, we think our girl is teething.

One of the dangers, I think, of having a child with a fairly exotic genetic condition is that sometimes we skip over the simple causes for her discomfort.

But it's sometimes complicated stuff: We got the tests back from Hope's endoscopy a few weeks back to measure her reflux and determine why she spat up blood. Once again, the inscrutable Dr. Spitenup threw us for a loop. The results showed mild inflammation of the area near where the stomach and esophagus meet.

Translation: A bit abnormal but not the horror show we expected. So, once again, we've dodged our worst fears. And for that, we're happy.


Misty said...

with our kiddos, it's sometimes hard to believe that they might be fussy for a 'normal' ailment such as teething...our first conclusion is that it is something horrific. i know that when mason cries, these horrible images fill my head about what might be going on in his little body that i can't see or fix...and then it turns out to be that he just wanted to be held or cuddled!! (that happened this morning as a matter of fact). I hope that those little teeth don't give her too much trouble!! love the video/slide show!

Anonymous said...

It was sooooo nice to finally meet you the internet doesn't do you justice you are too cute and love your personality and what about that hair!
I love redheads as you noticed (I dye mine) but what the heck its still red.
Also I must say lime green is our color.You are all that your parents brag about and more.
Hopefully your teething experience will go smoothly as one cutting new teeth is not easy honey but your such a tropper I'll think postive thoughts for you ok. If you have some time have your people write my people and maybe your Grandma will bring me by again.
Much Love sweetie.
(can I say Aunt Kathy) It would be an honor.

Karen said...

Teething - how funny! Actually, Ben's been in a sour mood today and I think it's for the same reason.
The video was great - Hope looks like such a big girl in her Bumbo seat!

Anonymous said...

Great video! I love seeing her doing things. She's getting to be such a grown-up girl. We miss her awfully. And her parents, too, of course! We're hoping to see you soon.

Love from Maine --

Grandma K.

Brooklyn Salt said...

Teething is not fun. Our boy, at one year, has lots of teeth (like Jaws) and sometimes we just blame his fussiness, diahreha and drooling on the teething.

The old-school whiskey on the gums sorta works (I think more for me, because I drink a shot), and a frozen passy and offer some relief too.

I hope this passes quickly and painlessly for all parties involved.

Sonia said...

Yup, been there... I always think her fussing is caused by something terrible. Natalia is teething too... she's going for the two central top now. Teething in no fun!!