Monday, March 10, 2008


Three cheers for grandparents! Or, in the parlance of Bob Evans, 2 1/2 cheers for grandparents and we'll punch your card so your 10th cheer is free!

Hope's grandparents are pitching in so much lately they're almost in peak form for the Babysitting Olympics in 2010. Grandma Clem is in a shoo-in for the Snuggle Slalom, while debate rages about whether Grandpa Beef can finally overtake the South Koreans in the Knee Bop Biathlon. Look out for those Romanian judges, Beef!

Seriously, we're lucky to have them in our lives. Besides being generally swell, they've provided regular, welcome spells that allow us to get out of the house, reconnect as a couple and talk about Hope's poop somewhere else.

So thanks. We love you guys. Here's a vid from the other day. Now go do America proud in the 400-meter Dirty Diaper Dash.


Anonymous said...

Go, Grandparents! You have to do double-duty, since our baby-sitting is all vicarious! We love it that you're there to do diaper duty and snuggle time for our precious girl!!

Love from Maine --

Grandma & Grandpa K.

Aunt Molly said...

LOL...this was hilarious.