Monday, December 17, 2007


Quick update: Hope had her appointment today with the ear-nose-throat dude for her hearing deficiency. Generally good news: He wants to put tubes in her ears to open what appears to be a tiny ear canal. He's talking about six weeks, maybe the end of January, for surgery that would require anesthesia. That's a bit scary, but apparently, it's about a 15-minute procedure, which is the most common nowadays on children. The protocol: follow-up checkup in about six weeks to see how she's developing, then probably surgery. If it all goes well, she should be able to hear, which would be abso-freaking awesome. It's tough reading, singing and talking to Hope as much as we do knowing that she probably can't hear us.

Mo also learned a new word during the appointment: Laryngomalacia. That's what the doc thinks is causing her wheezy breathing, rather than tracheomalacia. It's the same general idea: An under-developed floppiness that obstructs her airway, makes it imperative she avoid colds but generally is something she will outgrow.

But instead of coming in the trachea (the windpipe) it comes from the larynx (the voice box.) The doc says he'll take a peek to confirm while she's under for the tubes procedure.

More good news: Mo reports Hope was an absolute trouper during what must have been an annoying morning. She also got her Synagis shot to boost her immune system. Hope cried a bit while the doctor was jamming scopes down her ears, but otherwise did great.

She's been through too much already, but she's already making us hugely proud. It's days like today that remind us that no matter the difficulties (see self-pitying earlier posts), we're incredibly blessed and fortunate to be on this journey with this wonderful little girl.


Anonymous said...

YAY!! Scary, but good -- it sounds like a routine-ish procedure that will do so much good! Maybe we'll be there in time to do the chicken soup for the parents! And it sounds like a continuing good chance that she'll outgrow the wheeziness, so double-yay!

Keep up the good work, Mom and Dad! You're doing great!

Love from Grandma K.

beth said...

Hey...sounds like some generally good news all around. Maybe the ear-nose-throat doctor will become a go-to guy!

Love & miss you guys,

Anonymous said...

You guys are doing great! This doc sounds like he knows his stuff. Sounds like Hope is in good hands. Hugs to all!

Love, Aunt Annie

Brooklyn Salt said...

I had tubes in my ears as a kid, and look at me now (or don't).

Seriously, its pretty simple stuff. I recall it was a simple procedure and the only thing I needed to be cautious of was getting water into my ears. I wore earplugs when I went for a swim.

We know she'll do fine. She's a tough girl (as you know).

Keep up the good work. You guys are doing great. Parenting is hard!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is so right on you two are doing an awesome job as well as your little girl she is a fighter.......god bless her.

Lisa said...

Everyone talks about how simple and easy the surgery is for tubes. But with that said, it still makes you nervous. Everytime, Liz has had them (twice so far), I'm nervous. But it's really so quick, you hardly have time to get coffee. : )