Friday, December 14, 2007

A smile

Cool beans yesterday: Mo looked at Hope and smiled. Hope looked back and did the same.

I wasn't around, but Mo reports it was the real deal, an honest to goodness "Hey, I see you doing this, so I'll do it too" moment. Who am I to argue?

Obviously, it's a cool milestone and encouraging. Hope is about 6 1/2 weeks old (3 1/2 weeks, gestationally) so she's right on schedule for smiling. Of course, we haven't been able yet to duplicate the moment, but here's a facsimile:


Brooklyn Salt said...

I LOVE the gigantic pacifier!

She is cute!

Lisa said...

That's a BIG deal!

There will be many more of those to come, and you'll be surprised how much you will delight at each one, even after she's been doing it for awhile.
Lisa, Brian and Liz

beth said...

Awesome! I love the new video. She's such a cutie. Keep 'em coming.