Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ms. Potato Head is in the house

Two and a half years ago when we first started researching glasses for Hope, her ophthalmologist recommended a pair that would've made Mr. Potato proud. They were one long piece of plastic that you basically bent at the arms and secured with a strap to keep them on. They weren't exactly flattering. For anyone -- Mr. Potato Head included.

Fast forward two years and Joel and I have come to realize that Mr. Potato Head may have been on to something. Hope's wire-rimmed glasses are adorable but have been a bit of a pain in the tookas. More pieces have meant more things that could break, and they have -- mostly the arms. For one long stretch, we had to hot glue and DUCT TAPE one of the arms on every day. I have far more important things to do than tape Hope's glasses every day -- like laundry. I'd much rather be elbow deep in a 6-foot pile of baby clothes every day. Now, that's fun.

Anyhow, after getting Hope a new prescription this fall, we came to an important decision: no more cute, wire-rimmed glasses. We would succumb to Mr. Potato Head's charms.

So here we are and we are THRILLED. Seriously. If this wasn't a big, old "Don't judge a book by it's cover" lesson, I don't know what it is. Hope loves her glasses. I think the new, stronger prescription has made an incredible difference -- she's studying things from further away and tracking people across rooms, both of which she rarely did with her old glasses -- and we got the transition lenses so they turn into sunglasses as soon as she comes into contact with UV light. Hope had a corneal ulcer almost two years that left scar damage and makes her very sensitive to light so that's important. They're awesome.

Aesthetically, she looks a bit like Edna from Pixar's "The Incredibles" or a German librarian. We think she looks pretty hip. Thanks, Mr. Potato Head. We had no idea you were so fashion forward.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! Go, Hope (and parents)!!

Love from Grandma K.

Debbie said...

Who knew she could get *even* cuter!! It is so cool to hear about her seeing things better and making more eye contact. Thanks for sharing another milestone and letting us celebrate with you!! xoxox

Anonymous said...

She is so cute!! I can't wait to get hold of her someday.

Aunt Jan

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