Sunday, September 25, 2011

Food fun

Like a lot of kids with CdLS, Hope has some eating issues. Nearly four, she's still a big fan of mushy food and very simple finger food like goldfish crackers. Chicken wings and ribs? Not so much. She lacks the coordination and muscle tone in her mouth to do much chewing, so like the geriatric set, she tends to gum her chow. If it can't be made malleable with saliva, forget it.

It's not just food. The same muscles used to chew food help form words and communication, which is also an issue. So Hope has two days a week of occupational therapy to work on exercises to help her chew, loosen her cheeks and remove some aversions to certain foods and textures.

We're delighted to report some progress. She's not there by a long shot, but Hope is slowly starting to take bites and chew some foods. No longer is simply inhaling her food like her dad going at a White Castle cheeseburger. She's taking deliberate, cautious bites and -- like always -- taking things at her own schedule and finding humor in the whole process. We're very proud.

Oscar also is going gangbusters on the food front and thinks he's ready for silverware and done with his wrinkly ol' parents at suppertime.

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