Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So long, Dr. Brown

I dreamed about this day, toying with it in my brain. What would it be like? What would I do with all that extra time? Read a magazine? Fool around on Facebook? Play with the kids more?

Alas, it's here. Earlier this month, for the first time in THREE AND A HALF YEARS, we are bottle-free. Hope has been off bottles since January and Oscar finally got the hang of sippy cups about two weeks ago. Dr. Brown has finally left the building.

No more nipples that flow too fast or too slow. No more scraggly bottle brushes. No more annoying Dr. Brown middle compartments that supposedly prevent your baby from swallowing air (the verdict is still out on that). No more microsteam bags.


I have no idea how much time being a bottle-free household has actually freed up -- do parents ever really have free time? -- but I'll take it. I love not having a big bowl of soapy water with soaking bottle parts cluttering up my counter. And I dismantled our double-decker bottle rack earlier this week. So long, friend.

Now, on to bigger things: potty-training and self-feeding. When that happens, I don't think a simple blog post will suffice as celebration. I may have to organize a parade.


Anonymous said...

Well written!! And good riddance to Dr. B.! Not only do you have more time, you have toddlers!!!

Love from Grandma Maine

Suzanne said...

I'm still trying to get there too... although with number 3, I think it'll be a few years. But, my number 2 can't seem to get the hang of sippy cups. We're stuck on the #3 nipple that she chews on, the inserts, and collars. Ugh. I'm so happy for you that you are done!