Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sitting pretty

It's a big weekend for Hopesy. After two years of adjusting to her car seat, she's now quite comfortable in it. For months, we needed to time our trips to the minute so we could avoid putting her in the seat, lest she burst into tears.

Now, it's her mobile entertainment capsule, like a Lazy Boy with cup holders and remote-control holder for the toddler set. Two sets of rings dangle from the carrying handle. Hope meticulously takes them off one by one. She has her binky on one side and a bottle on another. It's a comfortable arrangement.

And like any good parents, when we see comfort, we set out to eradicate it. Hope may be a few pounds shy still, but we are transitioning her to a Big Girl front-facing car seat this weekend. We figure we'd better make the move now. Little Brother is fast incubating in Mo's womb and will soon need to learn the ways of pulling refrigerator magnets from Big Sister. Unnamed Baby Boy is due May 12.

So we went shopping last week for a new seat to see what Hope thinks. If the test run is any indication, we suspect she'll do just fine.

What's this thing?

We think she likes it.

Oh yeah, this'll work. We think.


Debbie said...

So glad to see a post, with pigtails no less!! She sure is growing up and looks like she is going to love her new seat!

heidi @ ggip said...

I'm sure she will love it. We are anxiously awaiting turning our seat around too!