Monday, February 8, 2010

Busy Girl

For a toddler who can't walk yet, Hope is one busy little girl these days. She's got places to go and things to do.

She has to explore the kitchen -- and everywhere else, for that matter -- with her push cart.

Along the way, she has to stop at the refrigerator to rearrange the magnets and even sample a few:

Then it's off to the dishwasher to rearrange the cups (and sip out of a few; yes, they're dirty. And yes, I'm a bad mom. But she likes the cups!), bang the door to the garbage and bang whatever cupboard within reach:

Eventually, around noon, it's time for a nap. After 2-3 hours, it's time for more fun:


heidi @ ggip said...

She is busy!!! Exploring her world is very important!

The Watczaks said...

she is so stinkin' cute! the banging on whatever she can find sounds TOTALLY familiar :)

Jen Pavich said...

Moe, she is so darn cute I can hardly stand it!

Anonymous said...

you go,girl--has lulu gotten blase about your adventures? grampame

anita said...

That's a very busy girl! Can't wait to see her doin' her thing in person!!

Love from Maine,
Grandma K.

Lisa said...

Wow! She's cruisin all over the place. That's awesome! What a busy toddler!

suna said...

i haven't checked in for a while. boy is she big and curious. congrats about the new BOY. how wonderful.