Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bachelor days

Globe-trotting Hope is at it again, flying to San Diego early this morning with Mom and her Aunt Annie for five days with Aunt Molly -- or as I call her, Dirtbag. Lulu and I are holding down the fort, raking leaves, ripping apart the bathroom, eating frozen pizzas and generally having unsatisfying, one-sided conversations.

It's been about 13 hours and I already miss my ladies. It's terribly lame, but the cycle repeats itself: Count the days until sweet bachelor freedom; feel sad for at the airport, sing a song of emancipation and return home, look around, realize it's awfully quiet and begin to re-shingle the roof. If this keeps up, I may have the foundation of the house up on jacks tomorrow.

I probably sound like a dullard, but Hope has been even more of a joy lately. If something isn't bothering her -- and she lets us know when it is -- she's one happy kid. It's a cliche, but that's all we can ask. And her joy is infectious. It's hard to be in a bad mood around Hope.

Mo always dogs me for writing long and skimping on facts, so here are some:

  • To our surprise, Hope has done well with her new pink spectacles. She's much more engaged and only whips them off when something is bothering her or feeling neglected.

  • Hope took to a fancy, schmancy new gait trainer the Intermediate School District let us borrow. It had a long handle so we could help her steer without breaking our backs, like her current loaner. She made repeated circuits and giggled all the way, like her heifer won top prize at the county fair. That's the good news. The bad news is we had it for four days on loan to see if she liked it before ordering it through supplemental insurance. That could take three months. So it's back to the low-tech red walker and more Ben Gay for our backs.

  • We're switching cardiologists. We had to cancel Hope's annual check-up to monitor her narrow aorta because we were Up North. We like our cardiologist a lot, but are thinking about switching HMO networks to a children's hospital.
  • I'm going to try to be better with the blog. It's gotten away from us for a while, but I'm feeling recharged for the moment.


    Staci said...

    Love what she does with the green beads!

    The Watczaks said...

    she is so cute! i love the banging on the couch giggles! :)

    Anonymous said...

    She's really interacting verbally -- love the happy noises!

    Thanks for getting back in the blog saddle, Dad. Sorry about the frozen pizza, but you'll be glad for the roof work. If you get bored, you can come here; we have plenty of projects saved up!

    Love you all --
    Grandma K.

    Anonymous said...

    Yes I know I have said a million times but yes, she is sooooooooooooooocute!!