Monday, October 12, 2009

Walk for Will and Hope

The weather was swell. The cause, worthy. The company, wonderful.

Under cool but crisp skies, about 75 kindly souls trekked 2 miles Sunday for the First Annual Walk for Will and Hope. We're proud to report we smashed our fundraising goal and raised nearly $5,000 for the Cornelia de Lange Foundation. We're absolutely tickled and humbled by the response.

All credit goes to Big Mo. This was her dream and goal for the five years after Will died, so we were honored and grateful to host the walk four days before what would have been his fifth birthday. Mo sweat the details, wrangling insurance, designing T shirts, coordinating refreshments, charting the course, navigating surprisingly cumbersome park bureaucracy and cajoling donations from near and far.

My job was mostly comic relief and doing as told. As such, I'm updating the blog as she enjoys a well-deserved lounge, Cheez-Its and "Dancing with the Stars."

We are terrifically appreciative and have so many people to thank. The response bowled us over and we're lucky to have such great friends and family to come out and support a cause that means a lot. There's a video yet to come with some highlights, but right now, we're just basking in the glow and preparing to write thank-you notes.

So thanks to all. It was terrific.


The Watczaks said...

congrats! looks like a great crowd, i'm glad it went well

and hope looks SO cute in her glasses :)

Rachelle said...

$5000! That is awesome! Congratulations! I'm glad everything went so well - it all looks terrific! Great job!

K said...

I found your blog by chance this evening and stayed up all night (it's now 5:42am) reading all of it and Will's blog, too.

Hope is so beautiful! I liked the video of her in the walker with the kitchen drawer and the one with the book the best.

I will add your blog to my list of regulars and look forward to following your family on your journey.

I'm very impressed with her sudden transformation from a baby into a toddler. I wish I could give my cat Henry coconut milk to make him grow!

Misty said...

this post slipped by me!
CONGRATS on the $5,000!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very very glad that things went so well.

tiger said...