Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hot to trot

Classic good news/bad news this week. Since everyone loves the good news, that's where we start: Hope had a whiz-bang, woowie-kazowie, tip-your-waiters-and-waitresses 50 percent Super Bowl, and not just because she won two squares and $10 in the pool.

It was after halftime. The commercials were blah as ever. We had bellies full of pig-in-a-blanket mini weenies and were looking for kicks. So was Hope. Literally. Laying on her back on a blanket, Hope began her windup: She flapped her warms, shook, shimmied, twisted, grunted and melodically kicked her leg four times on the blanket like she was cajoling a reluctant motorcycle.

Hope got the rhythm. The momentum followed. Like an uncorked, windup dervish, she heaved. Umph. One leg over. Hunka-hunka-oomph. Two legs over and presto! She was on her belly. We cheered like we cared who won the game. We returned her to her back, watched as she began her signature windup: Kicking her right foot four times, allowing the mojo to flow and -- thwump -- rolled over again.

She did it three times that night. Each time, the cheers grew louder. After 15 months and creeping ever-so-close, Hope had finally -- consciously -- rolled from her stomach to her back. We add the caveat because she's been rolling over in her sleep for weeks. But we figure that doesn't count for the Guinness Book unless she really wants it.

We're thrilled, of course, so much so that the bad news seems minor.

Our wood-paneled-dwelling, septuagenarian optometrist, Dr. Speakupsonny, reminded Mo that Hope will need glasses in the next six months or so. Since Hope already wears hearing aids, he thinks she should wear something durable. Something unobtrusive. Something plastic and multicolored.

They are known as the Mira Flex. They are billed as "flexible and safe." Here are beautiful models wearing the glasses whose instructions include tips such as "warm and shape according to need, compensate by overfolding. Make sure the temple is cool before placing on child's face."

Mo is mortified, insulted and practically speechless. One week later, she's still steamed.

"There's no way ... and I mean no way ... I'm putting our baby in Mr. Potato Head glasses."

Upon further review, I'm not sure she's that far off.

(Note: Dad is a dum-dum. An earlier version of this post said Hope had rolled from belly to back, which she's done for month for months. It was the back to the belly that made our zoom-zoom go boomity-boom)


~Rachel said...

Hooray for Hope!! How exciting to reach this next milestone. As for glasses my son Jacob first started wearing glasses at 12 months. He could sit up but was not standing or walking. We picked a cute pair of wire frames, they had ear pieces that wrapped around his ear They stayed on and they did not bother him at all. I am with you those glasses do look like Mr. Potato head glasses. Do you have a pediatric eye wear store near by? They usually have a bigger selection for kiddos.

Anonymous said...

Yay for rolling over!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for Hope and her parents!!!!!!!!! Boo to Potato Head glasses, and yay for seeking alternatives!!!!!!!! I know I've seen ones you can all but bunch up in your fist, and they still look good. Pink, to match the hearing aids? How do they measure her vision when they can't ask her to read the letters on the chart?

Love from Maine --
Grandma K.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Yay for rolling over! You say she did this in her sleep first?! Amazing!

I am with Maureen with the glasses. There has GOT to be another option.

And I am totally loving that Kisses shirt Hope is wearing and the big smiles too :)

Megan said... the potato head comment! So glad to hear Hope is making such great strides. She is adorable!

Rhonda said...

I laughed out loud when I read the Mr. Potato Head part. Don't worry. I'm sure you can get some cuter ones. Have you seen Ben in his new glasses? He is adorable. Good job on rolling over Hope. Keep up the good work. You'll have mom and dad running around after you before long.

Rachelle said...

Congrats to Hope! I am still giggling about the Mr. Potato Head glasses comparison ~ great post!

Karen said...

Awesome news about the rolling over!!!
Our optometrist suggested similar plastic glasses for Ben. We shared Maureen's opinion of them. So far, Ben tolerates wire frames just fine; the earpieces have been carefully fitted around his ears and still leave room for hearing aids. And they're the ones that are very "bendable".
Can't wait to see what you pick out for Hope.

Debbie said...

The real question is would she be able to store the glasses in her "trunk" when she is not using them? You know, along with the big red lips and the purple purse!

Sandi said...

Hooray Hope!! That is an awesome accomplishment :-)

I'm with Maureen...Hope is much too gorgeous to be wearing Mr. Potato Head glasses!

Leslie Anna said...

Your daughter is SO gorgeous!!! Thank you for your uplifting comments =) It's always nice to get on here and see people are thinking of us!! She is doing great and should be home in a couple weeks,we can't wait!