Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday siesta

Hands down, no question, ask us again and we'll roll our eyes and utter juvenile remarks, Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. Some of the appeal is the simplicity, aw-shucks goodness of eating good food with loved ones and the lack of pretense about the day.

Much of it is comfort from the Groundhog Day-like sameness of it all, year-in, year-out.

Wake up late. Eat. Look at the circulars. Half-heartedly discussing shopping on Black Friday. Laugh at the nonsense of the prospect. Eat. Turn on the parade. Don't watch it. Eat. Watch the Lions humiliate themselves. Turn it off. Dress. Head to dinner. Sit around. Yum-yum, turkey. Mmmm. Seconds. "Oh no, I shouldn't." OK, thirds. Pie. Coffee. Sit around. Give thanks. Let's play a game. No, honest, we won't argue this year. Keep promise for 10 minutes. Argue. Laugh. Huggy-huggy. Happy happy. "This was the best Thanksgiving ever." Sleep. Wake up. Uh Oh. Everyone is sick.

So it was once again this year, and perfectly so. This time, there was a twist: Hope didn't get sick. (Knock on wood, rub rabbit's foot, toss salt behind shoulder, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice) Everyone else did, at least for a little bit. And we extended Thanksgiving with a long weekend up north, hence the blog break and .... introducing ... snow girl.

We think she dug it.


Misty said...

Sounds like the PERFECT thanksgving to me and much like our own (when I am at home that is). mike's family is very was nice, but my family is REALLY fun LOL!

love the snow bunny pics and you are one beautiful family!

beth said...

Yay, the blog is back! (You know things are pathetic when you check for it in the am, then again at night and complain when there's nothing new. I need a life.)

Can't wait to see you guys. Hope there's snow for Hopesy.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

That sounds like a great thanksgiving! Hope looks very happy in the snow!

Rachelle said...

It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving (except for the getting sick part ~ glad you all are feeling better!) Love the family photo ~ and Hope is very pretty in her pink snowsuit!

Anonymous said...

What a doll she is in her pink snowsuit.So many reasons to be Thankful.

Jan said...

I'm like Beth -- I look for the blog every day at least twice and am so disappointed when there is no news! Glad to hear TG was so perfect.

Sandi said...

Hope everyone is feeling better now! Hope makes the most adorable snow bunny :-)