Saturday, November 15, 2008

New tricks

It's 10 a.m. on Sunday, and these are the moments that make me smile. Hope is in a strange contraption known as an exersaucer. It's a big gizmo toy companies created after parents sued the bejesus out of them for baby walkers: Round, orange and plastic, it has a seat in the middle and allows Hope to spin around 360 degrees and monkey with about 10 gadgets.

And does she ever. Round and round, laughing and giggling, Hope twirls from one station to the next.

First it's the big apple on a stick thing. Thwack, thwack, thwack. What could be better? It sways. It's red! Oh life is a joy!

Ten seconds later: Hey, what is this? Big plastic bones that make woof, woof sounds and spin? Twirl, twirl, twirl. Life couldn't possibly get any better, until ...

Be still my heart! It's a green car that goes beep, beep! Tee hee, hee!

And on it goes for about 30 minutes. Hope forgets that we exist. Few are so serious about play. She breathes heavy. She shakes her head. She stares intently at a blue walkie-talkie thing. It has buttons! Wow!

We've tried to capture the frenzy on film, but Hope is an elusive prey. As soon as the camera is produced, the wonder of the exersaucer ceases. She becomes transfixed and stares intently at the camera.

Perhaps we'll have do go the 20/20 hidden camera route and catch her in the act like the butcher flicking cigarette butts onto a flank steak.

It's a sight to behold. Not the butcher. That's gross.

Hope is doing some great stuff for a nearly-9 pounder. She's getting closer by the day to sitting on her own. Yesterday, she made it for 30 seconds before tipping over. This morning, she began banging her binkie on the table like Krushchev at the United Nations.

She has a new stunt that involves vigorously shaking her head, as though she was asked if the Detroit Lions would ever win a football game.

Here's a peek into her evolving repertoire.


Karen said...

Great video! Where did you find that neat piggybank toy with the coins? I think Ben and Nate would love to have one of those for Christmas! Hope's looking good, great to see her sitting!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

That is a fantastic video! Very hilarious interlude.

I like the toy she was playing with in the Boppy. I think Blue would like that one.

Oh, and because it always makes me feel famous when things like this happen...we have the same boppy with the bees on it. :)

Hope looks great!

Misty said...

LMAO!!!!! yes, do share where you got the piggy bank!! that is GREAT! mason shakes his head also!! we were wondering if it had something to to with the hearing aids, but he does it with or without them! we always ask him questions beforehand... mike likes to ask him if he loves mommy...:( LOL!

that is a great video! she LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mason is no where near sitting as well. and it looks to me like you could officially say that she sits on her own (boppy is just there for the 'in case')!! please have her call mason and give him a pep talk! :)
love the kung foo! that is adorable how she moves her arms!

Joel and Maureen said...

Hi Misty. Hi Karen:

Yes, the piggy bank is a huge hit. Hope was introduced to it at therapy, then we got the same one as a gift for her first birthday. I think it's from Toys 'R' Us. She's not quite into putting the coins in the bank yet, but she digs eating them and opening and closing the door.

Heidi: It's called the Sit 'n' Learn Top from Vtech. Think it's also from Toys 'R' Us. Great for little arms as the little animals are easy to move + provoke noise. And hearing "I'm the Lion! Give me a Spin!" never gets old.

Misty: It sounds like Mike and I would get along great ;) One of Hope's therapist theorizes the head shake is related to her hearing loss + could stimulate her system. She suggests putting her on a Boppy and spinning her around in a chair to stimulate it as well. The head shake is kinda fun. I wanted to get a bunch of video of it and intersperse it with debate footage from the presidential election. But I think we've seen enough of the election already!

Rachelle said...

I love the video ~ Hope is really going to town! I am glad she is doing so well ~ I agree with Misty about saying the sitting is official. She looks great! Oh, and if the others are interested, I think I've also seen that piggy bank toy at our local Walmart. I am thinking about getting Joey one for Christmas ~ although in our house the coins would be lost after a few hours! ;o) Thanks for sharing!
P.S. Did the dog eat that bouncy ball?

Deni aka Mrs Chicken said...

That was fantastic, watching Hope removing the coins had me in stitches - thanks for making my day - she is a clever little lass! Gotta love ToysRUs - I will be making a trip their for Chrissy Shopping!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Hope looks great! I'm esp impressed with her interaction with toys.

You two certainly are unique parent bloggers...butcher? Krushchev? You have better-than-average video production skills, too.

Sandi said...

Love the video!! Hope is doing so well, she really explores and interacts with her toys and has such great eye contact. So cool to see her sitting too!