Friday, September 26, 2008

Postcard from Higgins Lake

Fun times at the Mo's family compound in northern Michigan this week: Great weather, cool water and sparkling sand.

Higgins Lake is special to us. Mo's family has been going up there for years. Every year, we swim, eat far too much dip and engage in fierce tennis tournaments that usually end with a few choice words and thrown rackets.

This was Hope's first visit and our first since last September, when Mo was in the seventh month of a stressful pregnancy. Last year was reflective: We knew we were on the verge of a great journey, one that would forever change our lives. We were worried, but optimistic.

A year later, we walked the same beaches and trails and felt satisfied. Life didn't turn out exactly as we planned -- when does it ever? -- but our baby was happy and got to be part of an important tradition. We couldn't ask for a whole lot more.


Anonymous said...

Hope has the same beatific smile her Great-Grandma Herold had anytime she got around boats and water: pure bliss. Must run in the family! I'm so glad you had this wonderful mini-vacation; it looks like great fun!! Thanks for all the photos; we love 'em.

Lotsa love from Maine,
Grandma K.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Hope certainly looks content there.

Great post. Thanks for sharing your journey.

Misty said...

beautiful pictures! hope certainly does look VERY happy. what a precious little one!

i love the 'card shark pic! thank you for sharing the pictures!

Aunt Molly said...

She looks so cute! And you're right Joel, we do eat too much dip when we're up north:)

Glad to hear you had a great family getaway. xoxo