Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy days

This is what bliss feels like. Hope's grandma from Maine is in town; the girl gets a double dose of grandmas today; and we're fairly convinced that Wednesday was the happiest day of her life. Thursday was swell too. But Wednesday? Oh. What a day.

Pip is probably the happiest kid on the block when nothing is bugging her. Unfortunately, something often creeps up -- be it her colic, reflux, constipation or parents -- and dashes the good-time vibe.

Wednesday? Nothing. Everything was hunky-von-dory. Mile-high smiles all around. Hope aced her therapy. She went for long walk under 60 degree skies. She became acquainted with the Bumbo seat and didn't freak out.

It's amazing this is the same kid who spent all last weekend crying. We're not complaining.


Misty said...

beautiful little one!! LOVE the pictures of her! she looks GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Grandma's can always make a great day for Grandchild,can't explain it its one of those things that just happen and we are so gratful we dare not question it.Enjoy

Anne said...

Hope looks like such a big girl and so cute in that Bumbo seat. Grandma K sure knows how to make her smile!

Love, Aunt Annie