Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another in the ranks of Team Hope

Classic good news/other news today at the pediatrician: Hope's weight is proportional for her length. She's tipping the scales now at 4 pounds, 10 ounces and is almost 18 inches long. That might not seem like much, but it's progress: After eight weeks, she's officially outgrown her first outfit. It's a preemie outfit but an outfit nonetheless.

The flip side is that our pediatrician, whom we like, agrees that it could be time to start exploring supplements in hopes of jump-starting some weight gain. And rather than simply prescribe them, he's referred us to a yet another player in Team Hope: A nutritionist.

Already comprised of a pediatrician, geneticist, cardiologist, ear-nose-throat specialist, gastro-intestinal doctor and occupational therapist, Hope's network of providers is beginning to rival the Army of Carthage.

Frankly, it's an enormous weight that falls squarely on Mo's shoulders. After 2 months, Hope's care is now detailed over about 4 files and spreading into a fifth. Navigating the labyrinth of referrals, specialists, insurance, supplemental insurance and the like is dizzying and can become a full-time job. As most who've dealt with doctors and insurance can attest, little can usually be accomplished in one phone call and seemingly simple tasks become Goldberg-esque. Maureen is one hell of a reporter and an adept problem solver, but acknowledges it's maddening. Today, she made about six phone calls to find one nutritionist.

It's all very annoying and can become discouraging. Then Hope does something really cool, like today. After driving alone to the pediatrician for the first time -- and white-knuckling it all the way, I'm sure -- Mo reports that she was in the examining room, minding her own business when Hope decided, "Enough is enough. I'm hungry and bored, so I'm sticking this hand in my mouth."

She'd been leaning in that direction for days, eyeballing her fingers with the same look her father gets near Swedish meatballs. Today, Hope committed to the finger sandwich. It's very nifty because it means she's right on track of a big developmental milestone.

Tonight, we celebrate. Tomorrow, the army masses again for a trip to the GI doctor for a consultation in hopes of making headway of Hope's spitting-up habit, which is improving but persists.


Debbie said...

Ahhh, the finger sandwich. Does this mean she is going to take after you Joel with your array of entertaining party tricks?! So glad to hear the updates, good, bad and enteraining :-)

Aunt Molly said...

The fingers in mouth! That's so awesome to hear! Congrats! Do a square dance with Lules for me:) Love you three xoxo

beth said...

You go girl! Before you know it, those fingers will be up her nose. It's all downhill from there. Love from your Auntie Beth.

Grandma K. said...

Is she sticking out her tongue at the New Year's Dance?? Must be Joel, not Lu, who's getting the Bronx cheer -- we all know Lulu's a great dancer!

So glad you get to start the new year with a milestone!!

Anonymous said...

Lookout Maureen - if Hope starts with her fingers it won't be long before she'll find her thumb! Hooray for the milestone!

Love and hugs to Hopesy xoxox
Grandma Clem

Karen said...

Glad to hear about the good weight gain and the fingers in the mouth! It seemed that we were always going to the doctor for one reason or another during Ben's first year of life. Thankfully, things have finally settled down. I'm impressed that you guys are organized enough to have actual files on Hope - we just have a shelf where we stuff everything in no particular order.